There’s a lesser-known version of Ganesha's birth. On the insistence of Shiva, Parvati fasted for years to propitiate Vishnu so that he would grant her a son. Vishnu, after the completion of the sacrifice, announced that he would incarnate himself as her son in every kalpa(aeon). Accordingly, Ganesha was born to Parvati as a charming infant. This event was celebrated with great enthusiasm and all the gods were invited to take a look at the baby. However, Shani, the son of Surya, hesitated to look at the baby since he was cursed with the gaze of destruction. Shani had decided to look at Goddess Parvati's baby from the edge of his left eye. But, Parvati insisted that he should look at the baby properly, which Shani did, and immediately the infant's head fell off. Seeing Shiva and Parvati grief-stricken, Vishnu mounted Garuda, his divine eagle, and rushed to the banks of the Pushpa-Bhadra river, from where he brought back the head of a young elephant. The head of the elephant was joined with the headless body of Parvati's son, thus reviving him. The infant was named Ganesha(the master of all the Ganas) and all the Gods blessed him with power and prosperity. Then justifiably so with his new life, he was titled to be the god of new beginnings which is why we worship Ganesha before starting anything new.